Snowy Owl Paper Craft

People in Europe and America have long considered the snowy owl as "God of the Mountain"; a symbol of wisdom and trust and a bringer of happiness. In Greek mythology the snowy owl was known as the governor of knowledge and the arts, and in Aesop's fables it is described as having powers of prophecy. It is believed that merely placing pictures or ornaments of owls in corners of the house will welcome good luck into one's home......Complete Source Here:http://cp.c-ij.com/english/3D-papercraft/lucky/snowyowl_e.html


Linda said...

I dreamt of a snowy owl guiding me in a clear water lake surounded by smooth rocky ledges. A friendly owl - exquisitely beautiful talked to me as a trusted friend. What does this mean?

cedartree said...

I dreamed of looking into the sky and seeing what I thought was a group of stars twinkling and flashing. I knew it was unusual looking and strained to see what it was...flashing in the sky like something from a Walt Disney Movie. I ran towards the house to tell my daughter and as I got to the door the "stars" were passing over the house and they were snowy owls. I was so excited to share this my daughter and she said " Oh Yeah, I have heard about them." I felt disappointment that we did not share this together.